Residential training is not the best solution for most behavioural problems and can end up being a waste of time if the owner does not keep to their side of the deal. Dogs adapt to their environments remarkably quickly and so if the environment/behaviour does not change when the dog is back at home with his owner, he will revert right back to the way he was before, thus rendering all the time, energy and money spent on the residential training, a waste.

It is partly due to this reason that if we decide together that residential training is the best way to go forward with your dog, we will enter into a contract which will stipulate the terms of agreement.

Residential training has a 2 week minimum time period and this is to ensure enough time for the dog to settle into his new environment, to effect the change in the dogs behaviour and to further assess what needs to be addressed. Sometimes the period will need to be extended depending on the individual dog and if this is the case, any extra days will be charged at half price.

Residential training is not available for dogs with aggression issues
I can only accept one dog at a time to ensure it is given enough attention and training
All dogs will need to meet with my own dog before signing the contract to ensure no issues exist between the two

One-to-one obedience training has many benefits over a group class, the only downside being that it is more expensive.
However, you do get what you pay for! In our one-to-one sessions I will be able to focus entirely on you and your dog and plan the sessions to suit your particular needs and requirements (as well as your dogs’).
Timing and location can be more flexible (you don’t have to worry about missing a class or changing the day to suit your schedule) and if suitable, it can take place at a location more convenient to you.

If you are interested in signing up for a minimum starter package of 4 sessions, we will discuss your specific needs including details about your dog, your schedule and location. I require full payment upfront to secure your booking.

You can call or email using the consultation form to get more details or begin the process.

Looking forward to working with you and your dog!

Once you have decided to go ahead with a behavioural consultation, I will send you a form via email for you to complete. The form helps to build a psychological profile of your dog and includes information such as background/upbringing, problem behaviour/s and your lifestyle. This pre-completed form (which is preferably sent back to me before the consultation takes place) allows us to spend more time dealing with your dogs issues at the consultation by reducing the amount of time spent gathering this information and therefore maximising your value for money.

The consultation will last approximately 2 hours and the majority of the time will be spent on observing your dogs problem behaviour and coming up with practical solutions which are manageable and acceptable to you and your lifestyle. The situation will be assessed realistically and an honest evaluation of the cause and prognosis of the issue will be shared. It is a hands-on session and both myself and you will be actively involved.

After the consultation you will receive a full written report containing everything we spoke about during the session as well as detailed instructions for any behavioural modification programmes we discuss.

I also encourage you to stay in touch to inform me of your progress and to help with any further advice if required. If necessary, a free follow up visit can be arranged if a resolution cannot be reached over phone or email.

You can book a consultation in the following 3 ways:

1. You can fill out this short consultation request form (click here for form)
2. You can send me an email with your details and a brief explanation of the issue/s you would like help with ()
3. You can give me a call on 077 857 805 84

Each persons circumstance is different and every dog is different. If you have a special circumstance or if you only need help with one small issue, please get in touch with your details and situation and we can discuss pricing.

Unfortunately there is no magic wand to wave in order to resolve your dogs issues over night. The issues would have developed over at best a short period of time and at worst many, many years. It will take work, commitment and consistency from you and your family in order to change your dogs behaviour. The success of the session really depends on the work and effort that you will be putting in. Its similar to seeing a dietitian – she can give you all the information and an exercise and diet plan to follow but if you don’t do your part, you wont lose any weight!

Dogs are extremely adaptable creatures though and you should see at least an improvement in your dogs behaviour fairly rapidly.

Within the week after the consultation you will receive a detailed written report including all the recommendations and instructions for you to carry out in order to rehabilitate your dog and improve his or her behaviour – most of which will be discussed during the consultation as well.
I will then give you a follow up call about a week later in order to check on your progress and answer any questions you may have.
Follow up sessions for the same behavioural issue should not be necessary.

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A behavioural consultation is a one and a half to two hour paid consultation which will take place at your home (in your dog’s home environment).
Before the consultation can take place you will need to complete a form detailing some of your dog’s history, history and details of his or her behaviour and some general questions. This helps me to understand your situation and allows more time to be spent on the solutions rather than information gathering during the consultation. Once you book a consultation I will send you the form via email for you to complete and return before we meet.
The first part of the consultation will be spent chatting about the details on the form and usually consists of further questions to fully understand your circumstances. The next part will be spent with the dog and is an observational phase in order to witness the problematic behaviour first hand. This may involve putting the dog into a ‘staged’ situation in order to illicit the problem behaviour. The last part of the consultation will be spent discussing practical solutions and the first steps towards resolving the problem/s – this usually makes up the majority of the session.

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