One-to-one obedience training


An obedient dog is an absolute pleasure to own and it usually means that the dog has a more fulfilling life. You are much more likely to take your dog with on family holidays, day trips, down to the local pub or out for exploratory walks if you know he can be trusted to behave. Obedience training helps to build a meaningful bond between you and your dog and enables a much greater degree of control and trust. It is also a great way to stimulate your dogs mind as well as draining some of his energy.

I provide one-to-one obedience training where I focus entirely on you and your dog – helping to tailor the training to suit your needs and requirements. Training is available with a minimum starting package of 6 sessions and will cover all the basic, functional obedience as well as some more advanced training, depending on your progress. Courses are available for both puppies and adult dogs.

Training location is flexible so if you are interested in signing up for a course, please get in touch to discuss.

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