Boisterous / hyperactive behaviour


Boisterous dogs can (unintentionally) cause harm to people – especially children or the elderly – and can therefore be considered ‘dangerous’ under current UK legislation. When a dog is behaving boisterously he is usually not under proper control and this is where the potential legal issues can arise.

Legalities aside, a boisterous dog can be embarrassing, frustrating and stressful when out on a walk or at home with the family or guests.

Hyperactivity often goes hand in hand with boisterousness but can be the more problematic of the two in smaller breeds (a Chihuahua jumping up is less serious than a Great Dane jumping up). Hyperactive dogs can drive their owners crazy – often to the brink of wanting to give up the dog – as there is so much frustration, stress, noise and chaos involved.

I can help you to restore a level of peace and control over your dog both inside and outside the home, bringing back the pleasure in having a fury four-legged family member.

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